1. How often should I get my carpets professionally cleaned?

    While there is no clear-cut answer to this, as individuals have different cleaning expectations, it usually depends on foot traffic and conditions. Carpets can look clean, but you may not notice dirt building on the surface of the carpet. Most people desire to live in a clean environment with the knowledge that their carpets are hygienic. Generally the recommendation is to clean once a year, or as required.

  2. How quickly do the carpets dry after cleaning?

    Encapsulation cleaning offers fast drying times and deep cleaning with minimal wetting. Other factors which can affect the drying process include: humidity, airing (breeze, fans or air-conditioning) and carpet fibre type. Our cleaning system dries quite quickly in comparison to other systems and has the benefit of being able to be walked upon immediately.

  3. How do I prepare my home for carpet cleaning?

    The emptier the room, the more effectively the cleaner can do the job. However, this is not always practical. Generally the more items you remove the easier it is for the cleaner to get into all the spaces. Our cleaner is happy to assist with the removal of larger items, providing they are compliant to weight limitations of OH&S.

  4. Will you get out all the spots and stains?

    Most general household stains and spots are removed by the general cleaning of the carpet. Other spots require specialised treatment and the cleaner will address them specifically. Blue tack, make-up, grease and paint are all examples of types of spots that require additional specialised treatment and may incur additional charges, depending on the time spent in dealing with them. There are unfortunately, some stains that are permanent and cannot be removed even with the best efforts of the cleaner.

  5. Should I clean the carpets or replace them?

    Sometimes the client will request the carpets to be cleaned while they decide whether or not to replace them. Even the oldest of carpets can be refreshed with a good quality clean. This allows the client the comfort of knowing the carpets are sanitary while they save up or wait to redo their flooring. If the carpets have significant problems with staining, damage or wear and tear, the cleaner will advise replacement before commencing the clean.

  6. Can you deal with water damage?

    If a dry carpet has water marks from previous damage, Magna-Dry can provide a high quality carpet clean. If the carpet is saturated and damaged by a significant event such as burst water pipe, storm water or appliance leakage, then it will require specialised water restoration work such as: pulling back the carpet, underlay replacement and floor drying. We can also provide an assessment service for your insurer at this point. If mould becomes a problem due to water damage, then it will be addressed specifically as it may become a health issue.

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